Undercover Marketing

Undercover marketing, also known as buzz or stealth marketing, is a marketing technique that focuses on “hidden” marketing activities. With undercover marketing, a representative of the company uses or talks about a certain product or service in places where target consumers congregate, as if a spontaneous activity and not a planned marketing effort. The target audience does not realize they are being marketed to and the hope is that the efforts will generate a buzz and get people talking excitedly about the product or service.



Blackberry took a different tack, going with the classic “sex sells” ploy to market their new products. They gave attractive young women Blackberrys and had them sit in bars with their Blackberrys and flirt with male patrons. When the girls hooked one, they would ask him to put his number in their phone, promising to call him to go out on a date. The ploy was really just to get the guy to use the Blackberry.


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