How Indian professionals feel now about their jobs, finances, and careers? : LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index

Slow Dance

The recent LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index, published on 19th October, shows how Indian professionals feel now about their jobs, finances, and careers. Based on a survey of over 1000 professionals between 21st September and 4th October, overall confidence levels of India’s workforce showed an uptick, increasing from a score of +45 to +50 (on a scale from -100 to +100), due to the partial reopening of public life in the fifth phase of lock-down.

Here are some highlights from the confidence report:
• One-third of the respondents said they are expecting the number of job openings to decrease in the near future.
• Around two in five workers also said they expect a dip in their savings in the next six months - a number that has remained largely unchanged since April.
• Professionals in consulting and information technology are seen to be the most optimistic because digital and technology-enabled services have boomed lately.
• Among those currently unemployed and struggling financially, 58% said they are willing to pivot to a different industry or job function, while 11% said they are open to starting their own business or taking up freelance work.
• Professionals in operations and sales are seen to be the least optimistic relatively. Around 45% of respondents in sales said they expect a decrease in their income in the next six months, compared to just over one-fourth in IT and a third in consulting roles.